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Welcome to our UK Polyamory website

Our aim is to inform and support those interested to know more about polyamory, ethical non-monogamy and new areas like Relationship Anarchy. We also aim to focus on the British and European perspective. Over the coming months we will be adding interviews, reviews, podcasts, video and much more, to really bring awareness of the power and life changing qualities polyamory can offer. We created this site because it is the site we would like to have had when we began exploring love without limits.

Polyamory Coaching - Relationship Guidance

Looking to open up an existing relationship? Experiencing jealousy issues or simply curious if polyamory would work for you? Well we have now launched a new Skype based coaching and relationship guidance service for anyone interested in learning more about polyamory from a member of our experienced team. We will work directly with the members of the relationship to build practical strategies for overcoming virtually any issue that may arise. has been featured by the Times, The Independent and the BBC and are established as the UK's leading resource for support and information on polyamory and new forms of relationship. If you would like to book a session with us, our rate starts at £35 for a 1 hours session, please email your preferred date and time below:

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Amazon Store - Check out our selection of top books

We have put together a store with all the books on polyamory and open relationships you could need. We especially recommend Pete Benson's excellent Polyamory Handbook and Deborah Anapol's Polyamory in the 21st Century.

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Clair Lewis explores jealousy and polyamory. If you're not polyamorous you may wonder how those who are deal with this tricky set of emotions. If you are polyamorous find out how to navigate your way towards a state of blissful compersion!

Relationship Anarchy

Andie Nordgren explores the 8 points that make a relationship anarchist. Learn about this new concept from Sweden that is redefining non-monogamy and taking us beyond polyamory.


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